I haven’t had the time to really GET this blogger-thing… I bet there’s a lot of great features to use etc. but I just don’t know, yet ;o)

Anyway, right now I’m working on some new necklaces with Barbuska pendants. They’re made of Delica beads, mostly in bright colors, with gold- or silverplated chains – so cute! Here’s 4 that’s all done, but I have made patterns for 10! They’ll all be available in my shop in a short while – very short, hopefylly – just need to find a little ekstra TIME ;o)

More news:

I have 2 new Earring styles up for purchase NOW! Already sold a couple, and there’s not many left – it’s sooo nice to know that others like’em too 🙂

Earrings – Attention Takers – Green/Red
Wanna see more? :
Earrings – Frosted Pansy Flowers
See ya!

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